The People

Ken Hawes

Ken graduated from NAIT in 1974 with a diploma in Business Administration and has been involved in the HVAC industry since 1977. He was the driving force behind the growth of the Paragon Group of companies, and served as the President of Paragon Ventilation Ltd. from 1986 to 2016. He is now retired and is enjoying some travel, as well as spending some well-deserved time with his grandchildren.

Al Breitkreuz

Al received his Sheet Metal Journeyman's ticket in 1969, and together with Ken, helped to develop Paragon into the group that it is today. Similar to Ken, he too is now enjoying retirement and spending time with family and friends.

Paul Pinault

Paul has been working in the HVAC supply industry since graduating with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1990. Paul joined Paragon Ventilation Ltd. in 2003 as an Estimator and Project Manager, the department which he now heads up.  Effective April 1, 2011, Paul became a shareholder in Paragon Ventilation Ltd, and was named Company President in April, 2016.

Darryl Saban

Darryl has been working in the HVAC industry since 2003 and has an extensive background in both industrial and commercial HVAC design build projects. Darryl holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which he received in 2002 from the University of Manitoba, and is a registered Professional Engineer. Darryl joined Paragon Ventilation Ltd in 2010 as an Estimator and Project Manager and effective April 1, 2016, Darryl became a shareholder in Paragon Ventilation Ltd.

Tim Gmeinweser

A Sheet Metal Journeyman since 1986, Tim has extensive trade experience with industrial installations in many different situations and configurations. Tim has held the position of Field Superintendent since 2002, and in 2013, he moved into the office to further expand his knowledge and apply his experience in an estimator/project management role. 

Fred Fuchs

Working in the trade since 1980, Fred has been a Sheet Metal Journeyman since 1984. Fred's experience is wide ranging, and over the years, he has been involved in residential, commercial and industrial projects. Fred is currently the Field Superintendent for the commercial division of Paragon Ventilation.

Kevin Fidelak

Having joined Paragon in 2000 as Controller, Kevin is a CMA who oversees the accounting and office functions of the Paragon Group of companies.  In April, 2011 Kevin became a shareholder in Paragon Ventilation Ltd.